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The Thomas Pools and Spas team specializes in pool design to construction, and other amenities. We’ll walk you through the steps and consider your budget, personality, and goals before designing the pool or spa of your dreams. Our Central Valley pool builders will collaborate with you to design your ideal pool. They’ll then use cutting-edge visualization tools to show you what it will look like before we begin building it.

How to Go from Design to Construction with Central Valley Pool Builders

In addition to making your home more valuable, putting in a pool is good for your health and well-being. It all begins with a plan and some hard work in the backyard to build your ideal pool. You can create a pool that suits your needs and tastes by choosing from a wide variety of materials, shapes, and other options.

How can you go from design to construction?

Create a budget

You may already know how much you want to spend on a new pool, from design to construction. But it’s still a good idea to talk to your pool builder to find out specifics and get an estimate. Your pool contractor should be able to take down your wants and offer you a rough figure for the cost. You’ll need to make some adjustments to your original pool design. You may also discover you have enough money to create exciting new additions. Whatever the case, you and your builder must begin with a clear understanding of your financial constraints.

Make up your mind on what type of design you prefer

The design heavily influences the look you’re going for and the range of activities you can enjoy in a swimming pool. A rectangular shape can do the trick if you’re going for a more traditional aesthetic. You can play sports and swim laps in them with ease. Free-form and kidney-shaped pools can complement the landscape. In addition, they are ideal for constructing grottos and waterfalls.

Have a plan for using the pool

Consider the motivations behind your pool installation before moving forward. Will your children be using it? Is it a wise financial move? Do you want it to be an understated piece of architecture? Or it may be a romantic getaway for the two of you. If you answer these questions, we can recommend a swimming pool design that fits your needs. There could be a slide and a shallow place to wade in a kid-friendly pool. A built-in water feature, more costly coping, and a negative edge might create a pool that is as aesthetically pleasing as it is fun to swim in. A contractor’s best buddy is a client that comes ready with an in-depth plan for their pool.

Don’t skimp on the amenities you want to be included in your pool’s design

It’s more complex to retrofit a pool than it was to put one in. A waterfall or slide that tumbles over a granite slab might be at the top of your list of pool design fantasies. Discuss cost-cutting options with the pool contractor if the cost is too high. A “nearly ideal” pool is something you should never settle for.

Plan the final touches for your pool

A pool’s borders, decking, and coping can really set it apart. Glass, concrete, stone, and ceramic tile are just some of the materials you can use, and each has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. While planning your pool, it’s important to talk with your designer about which features will work best for you.

Fun should be a priority

Now that the pool is almost finished, you can start having fun by purchasing all the extras to enhance your time there. Anything from patio furniture to inflatable toys and pool floats. Some of the fun is in accessorizing.

Arrange for your first-ever pool bash!

Make sure to commemorate the completion of your swimming pool with a huge party. Start grilling, get the children’s friends around, and throw a pool party in style.

Factors to consider during pool design to construction:

·        Pool decking

The pool deck can be customized in terms of size, color, and type to suit your tastes and needs. This gives you a beautiful place to lounge by the water and host parties.

·        Pool equipment

Your pool equipment helps maintain the water’s ideal temperature and cleanliness. You’ll have to choose a pool heater and filter and decide how automated and energy-efficient you want the system to be.

·        The shape of the pool

To start, think about how big you want your pool to be. Kidney, L-shaped, oval, figure eight, geometric, and freeform are popular shapes.

How to Go from Design to Construction with Central Valley Pool Builders

·        Additional features

You should think about adding some extras to your pool area. Popular pool additions include a hot tub, colorful lights, fountain bubblers, a swim-up bar, a vanishing edge, and waterfalls.

Quality designs are available for any budget

Keeping your financial constraints in mind is essential when designing a swimming pool. It’s a good idea to start by calculating how much time and money you can devote to the undertaking, from design to construction. You can focus on what’s most essential to you while cutting costs elsewhere. Some people may have a deep yearning for unusual details and optical illusions, while others may be more interested in cutting-edge automation or maximum efficiency.

Contact Thomas Pools and Spas for help with pool design to construction

Feel free to contact Thomas Pools and Spas’ expert pool builders with any inquiries regarding pool design to construction. If you have any questions, we’d be happy to answer them. Just pick up the phone and call us now!

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