Start-up & Balance

Put Us to The Test!

Your swimming pool and/or spa is built, now we put it to the test. Thomas Pools and Spas, Inc. tests all of your equipment to make sure your first swim is perfect!

We love Thomas Pools and Spas!

Another nightmare is after the pool is done, that we would never be able to reach the pool company to fix issues. This is NOT THE CASE WITH THOMAS POOLS AND SPAS! We addressed some issues after the initial fill up, and Todd was over the house personally to fix all those issues within a day. Todd has personally been over to the house for the entire set-up. I have even seen him in the backyard cleaning our pool when we did not ask for it. He showed us how to use the equipment, walking us through all functions. We absolutely love our pool! And we love Thomas Pools and Spas!

Elcid K