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If you’re thinking about installing a pool on your property, you’re probably wondering what it takes. Here’s some good news: We’ve laid out all the steps of high-quality pool construction. For this reason, you won’t have any unpleasant surprises along the way.

The Inner Workings of a High-Quality Pool Construction

High-quality pool construction: A step-by-step guide

Setting the layout

Once the plans have been approved and the required permits got, the first phase in installing a good pool is creating the design. Pool builders will take many measurements and mark the edges before finally placing the shell. They might also define areas for landscaping, paving, and fencing.

Excavation and plumbing

After the pool builder marks the area, excavation can start at the desired depth. The hiring of a digger allows us to accomplish this. To help with the circulation and filtration of the pool, the installation of plumbing also occurs at this time. This is to make sure it works as intended and that the water is as pure as possible.

Reinforced pool shell

At the depths you choose for your pool, the person building it will lay steel reinforcing wire both vertically and horizontally through the hole. This helps ensure the shell won’t crack under the weight of the millions of gallons of water they’ll add.

Setting the walls and floor

The next step in making a concrete pool is to form the shell’s walls and floor. The material utilized is gunite, which is a cement and sand mixture. It gives the exterior the necessary support to last a long time without breaking down. After the gunite dries, you can customize the look of your waterline by installing tiles in a variety of shapes and colors.

Concrete curing

After 24 hours, the concrete is safe for foot traffic, but the shell won’t handle even a few hundred gallons of water. During the curing period, which lasts about a month, you will need to water the shell often to keep the concrete from cracking on the outside.

Installation of electrical

To run the lights, heat, filtration systems, and other machines, you’ll need a reliable power source. They will finish hiding all the cabling underground and under the shell, and now it’s time to put everything together.


After inspecting the electrical and gas systems, the pool builder will plan deck installation. Your decking contractor should only finish the decking once all necessary inspections (electric and gas trenches, bonding, etc.) have been approved. It is also your obligation to ensure that the amount of decking you install does not exceed the total lot coverage. It shouldn’t also violate any town limits or setbacks. If any trenches prevent the deck installers from finishing the job, they are responsible for filling them in.

Finish the pool’s interior

At long last, the final touches can take place. To render or paint the surface, you can tile the entire exterior using a pebble-crete type of material (like stone and glass pebbles). The pool will be ready for use once they finish the interior and it is completely dry.

Our Options for Water Features

You may have a lot more fun and enjoy your pool more with deck jets. The jets are set around the pool’s perimeter at regular intervals, and the water is directed back into the water feature via arcing jet streams. When you add lighting, you can achieve stunning visual effects using this technique.

The Inner Workings of a High-Quality Pool Construction

During the hot summer, deck jets are a great way to cool off. They will provide hours of fun for kids and adults alike by allowing them to run and play in the water.

Fountains are still one of the most popular and long-lasting ways to add water to an area. These are great for both children and adults to splash around in. This is because the water is pumped up from the pool and falls back down. They also come in a wide range of sizes, from the smallest to the grandest.

You can choose a fountain to match the style of your home and pool. These fountains can range from sleek modern jets to intricately carved works of art.

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